Behold the sea in Miramar Zeemuseum

Behold the sea in Miramar Zeemuseum

Although the coast is at least an hour-long drive away from Drenthe, you can still visit a sea museum in Vledder. Here you will find the life’s work of the eccentric Jeanne Warners (1899 – 1986), a ‘blue lady with a fascination for the sea’. On each of her journeys, she left with two empty trunks to beautiful destinations; by the time she returned to Dutch soil, these trunks were stuffed to the brim with special treasures. The maritime-biological and cultural-historical objects that she collected during her travels in over 80 countries are on display for you to admire in her Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities. In her reconstructed study, you will find her trunk, typewriter, pith helmet and other personal belongings… as if she just returned from one of her journeys.

Crafting and scavenging

Go on an exciting scavenger hunt through the sea museum and learn all about life in the sea. Or come and craft with seashells during our crafting afternoons.

Plastic soup: ‘the sea creatures are fed up with it’

Every year, over eight million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the sea. In the impressive exhibition ‘Plastic Soup’, Miramar takes a look at the global pollution of seas and oceans. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Plastic Soup Foundation and Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Experience the dramatic consequences of plastic waste for people, animals and the environment. What can you do to reduce your plastic footprint?