A unique story hides behind every treasure

Museum Valse Kunst: Art with a smile

Being conned when buying art. It could happen to anyone. The works from famous artists such as Appel, Picasso, Dalí, Matisse and Rodin are more often forged than you might think. The former town hall of Vledder is full of forgeries. What motivates master forgers such as Han van Meegeren of Geert Jan Jansen to forge a painting? We tell you the story during the free tour in this museum of fake art, which is unique in the world. The museum also has an international collection of glass art and works by artists from Drenthe, such as Roessingh and Dozy.

Setting to work in the children’s workshop

Children (4-12 years) can make their own artwork here. Materials are free to use, and you can take the artwork home. For the detectives, we also offer a scavenger hunt through the museum. With a nice surprise at the finish line.

Temporary exhibitions in 2022

Exhibition ‘Worldviews’ by Gineke Zikken (1 April – 30 June).
Exhibition ‘Unadulterated imagination’ by Wouter Berns (1 July – 30 September)
Exhibition by Ger Eikendal (1 October – 31 December).