Experience prehistory in the Oermuseum

Experience prehistory in the Oermuseum

As soon as you enter the characteristic Schultehuis in Diever, you stand eye to eye with an impressive mammoth and her cub. A reference to the distant past when the mammoth lived in this area, as the discovery of bone remains have proven. Once inside, you go on an expedition through the various eras, from the last ice age and the Neanderthals to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Many of the archaeological finds were found locally and show how people used to live and work in our primordial province. Dioramas, videos and interactive play elements make it a true experience for young and old.

Kid detectives

Investigating in prehistoric times. Dress up as reindeer hunter, build a dolmen, act out an excavation and find out how a prehistoric bronze oven works. Or go on a scavenger hunt through the museum. From the age of 12 and up, you can join the Prehistoric Hike to the dolmen.

Exhibition on archaeology

What is archaeology and what does an archaeologist do? Which modern techniques do they use and how should you interpret archaeological findings? Literally underground, in the cold basement, you experience the work of an archaeologist.