A unique story hides behind every treasure

Behold the sea in Miramar Zeemuseum

Discover the lifework of the eccentric Miss Warners. During her many world travels, she collected various (sea) treasures. Experience the consequences of global pollution of the seas and oceans in the impressive exposition ‘Plastic Soup’.

Experience prehistory in the Oermuseum

Stand eye to eye with an impressive mammoth. Go on an expedition through various eras, from the last ice age and the Neanderthals to the Bronze and Iron Age. Dioramas, videos and interactive play elements provide an extra experience for young and old.

Museum Valse Kunst: Art with a smile

Being conned when buying art. It could happen to anyone. What is real and what is fake? Be amazed by the story behind it all. The museum also has an international collection of glass art, works by artists from Drenthe and multiple exhibitions.